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Let's Chat (Our First Date)

Girl!!!! What is your dating strategy?


If you aren't sure, I must ask you... you have a strategy for pretty much everything else in your life except for this... why, sis??? We have to change that so you can feel confident when you finally put yourself out there for real!

I have my own dating strategy that I teach all of my clients that allows them to date high quality guys consistently which helps them find their guy within 4 months (+/- 1month).  

That's the exterior work.


Now we have to talk about the interior work, which is just as important. Managing your mind to create the optimism, confidence,  boundaries, and vulnerability, is the difference between those who get their guy and those who don't. 

LET'S LEVEL UP, SIS! You have a ton of life to live and life is surely better when you are lovingly sharing it with someone you love (forget what you may have told yourself to make being single doable).

Love isn't going to magically appear like it does on all of those hallmark movies, especially these days. This means you need a love game plan to GET YOUR GUY!


Let's chat so we get you a quality boyfriend and get you engaged/married in the next 18-24 months (average timeframe for my clients).


The first step is having a conversation about where you are now in your love life and where you want to be. Then in a few years you can send me an invite to your wedding or at least send a wedding photo, like everyone else does! Looking forward to chatting!


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