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Work With Me

Girl, there are a variety of ways to work with me. I work with two kinds of women.

Get Your Guy Club

Women who want to learn how to actually date …

The beginning stages of dating requires a different strategy and thought process.

Getting your dating life off the ground is all about having a framework, BEING VULNERABLE, SETTING BOUNDARIES, AND BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. 

It’s about learning about yourself through the interactions you have with men and taking that with you as you continue your dating journey. 

I give my clients the foundational work to set up their profiles, learn how to vet and evaluate men, and how to go from 1st date to exclusivity. 

This isn’t entry level information though. It’s dating mastery. I set my clients up for a fast track to their guy JUST from the work they will do to learn the foundations of dating. 

Get Your Guy Mastermind

Book a consultation to learn more about this more private coaching program that includes weekly 1-on-1s and direct access to Coach Anwar himself!

Get Your Commitment Program

This program is for women who are in committed, exclusive relationships who are asking themselves, 'Now what?"

This program helps women hit specific milestones that level up the commitment of your relationship.


From saying I love you, to having the 'real' future conversations, to moving in together, to getting engaged, to getting married, to maintaining a healthier marriage.


So the question for you is... what is your next commitment step and would you like help to get there?


If so, I have the...


'Get Your Commitment' Program

A 6- month program that includes 

-Office Hour Support

-24/7 Voxer support

-Group Calls every other Monday at 9pm 

-Worksheets and Recordings that will highlight: 

  • Relationship Pacing

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Boundaries and Self Determination within Relationships

  • Mindset

  • Difficult Conversations

  • Relationship Vulnerability

  • and much more!

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