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My Story

Hey, I'm Anwar!​

I'm a Dating and Relationship Coach for smart and successful women!


After graduating from an ivy league business school, I noticed that many of my amazing, smart, successful former female classmates were having trouble dating and finding healthy relationships. After helping a handful of classmates get their guy fairly quickly, I had their best friends, sisters, cousins, lawyer/engineer/VP/doctor friends coming to me for help... before I knew it I was completely booked.


As a certified relationship coach who has worked with thousands of women, I can tell you that smart and successful women have a hard time finding their guy because the skills that they have mastered that have helped them get the grade, get the degree,  and get the great career, are not the skills that are going to get them the guy. 


I can honestly say that I have been doing this work since elementary school helping the boys talk with girls and vice versa. Being a gay man, has helped my female clients feel less judged and more comfortable with me. It has also allowed me to have a deeper understanding of each sex, how they think, and how they relate to each other. 

In my mind, men are quite simple, but I can see how for many women, they can seem like complicated creatures because of how differently they process relationships and love.

I love my work and truly believe that all women are amazing and deserve all of the love that you give to the world! 

As a coach, I'm loving but direct and give it to my clients 'straight no chaser' because I think you deserve that. Think of me as the love child of Oprah and Dr. Phil! 


I am here to help you transform your confidence/self-esteem, elevate your love life, and heal past trauma... so that you can live your best life and get your guy!  Let's chat! 


"You either take control of your love life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

My Mission

My mission is to provide all smart and successful women the love they deserve. There is someone for everyone, but in this day of crazy work schedules, technology, travel, changing gender roles, things can get confusing. My mission to clarify what's what so you can achieve your dating and relationship goals. 

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